I am an atheist, but I pray for you.

My blessing, my faith, my scripture–you.

My faith has been shattered;however, you have provided me hope.

For only a Godly being could be as captivating as you. 

My biggest sin & greatest indulgence–you.

A cult & I’m your following. 

Please God forgive me.

I’ve fallen victim to a bad religion.

Despite your evils, I bow at your alter & worship on my knees.

I drink your wine until I’m drunk. 

The least holy communion. 

Please God forgive me. 



Your love is like a rose.

Stunning red petals. 
Sweet enticing scent. 

Painfully gorgeous adorned with thorns.

Despite the blood you draw, I always return to pick your fragrant flowers.

Your thorns slice my skin, but your roots run rampant in my veins.

What I would do to have a bouquet of your flowers adorning every surface of my home.

What I would do to spend my days forever lying on a bed of roses. 

What I would do to forever relish in your aroma and admire your oh so bittersweet beauty. 

As your petals fall, so do my tears, but I will forever stumble to the garden to harvest your love.